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Welcome to Personal Risk Professionals

Personal Risk Professionals (PRP) are a specialised estate planning, business succession and risk management advisory group.

PRP delivers a boutique risk advisory service to professionals, business owners and families across Australia's eastern states.

Our specialty is to meet the challenges of complex estate planning problems or business succession issues for our valued clients. We offer a value-add service and work with our clients’ other advisers to ensure their risk management, estate planning and business succession goals are met.

How We Do What We Do:

As life risk advisers we will work closely with you, the insurance underwriters and where appropriate your team of advisers, to coordinate a life risk plan specifically tailored to the risks you face.

We facilitate a methodical Asset Protection and Estate Planning process to ensure the appropriate assets, go to the correct people at the right time.

We facilitate a methodical Business Protection & Succession process to ensure the assets, revenue and ownership of the business are protected.

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