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Specialist Life Risk Advice

Risk Management Advice

We provide a specialist life risk advisory service.

Please refer to the items below further information on how we can assist you in this area.

Why is Life Risk Advice Important?

Life Risk Advice ensures that …

Your risks are identified

E.g. What would be the impact on your family or business if you passed away or suffered a disability?

Your risks are quantified

E.g. What is the extent of future family income lost in the event of your death or disablement?

Your risks are transferred

E.g. Who is the appropriate insurer to place your risk with to ensure you are suitably provided for should the worst happen?

The key to good protection is the right amount of money, for the right person, at the right time.

How does the advice process work?

As life risk advisers we will work closely with you, the insurance underwriters and where appropriate your team of advisers (accountants, lawyers etc.), to coordinate a life risk plan specifically tailored to the risks you face. Our unique process allows us to implement an insurance portfolio in a timely and cost effective way that is suited to your needs. Most importantly we are there for you, should the worst happen.

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The basics of life risk insurance

Life Risk Insurance is used for the following personal and business funding purposes in the event of death, permanent incapacity, major medical trauma or disablement.


  • Funding to reduce or pay off debt
  • Funding to provide an replacement income for the family income generator
  • Funding to replace primary care and household duties provided at home
  • Funding to equalise your estate
  • Funding to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses, home modification or nursing care costs
  • Funding to provide for financial dependants


  • Funding to protect the ownership of the business
  • Funding to protect the assets of the business
  • Funding to repay debts of the business
  • Funding to replace key persons of the business
  • Funding to replace lost revenue or cover increased costs of the business
  • Funding to replace lost business value

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Protection for Medical Professionals

At Green Wealth & Insurance we have recognised this unique risk especially for those in exposure prone specialties such a surgeons and dentists. A number of insurers now offer specialised needlestick insurance, providing a tax-free lump sum in the event of a covered needlestick injury. This could provide vital financial support at a time when your ability to work and earn an income could be compromised. As an advisory firm specialising in providing protection solutions to medical professionals, we have access to needlestick insurance options from Australia’s leading life insurers. We are able to analyse your circumstances and tailor a tax and cost effective plan to your own unique needs.


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